Every time I’ve had to migrate to a new PC or reinstall my browser for some reason in the past couple of years, I’d always remind myself to backup my precious collection of bookmarks. I’d favourited scores of great sites, apps and pages to pore over later — but they were in such a mess and I never got around to organising or even going through them.

Browser bookmarking isn’t broken per se, but it isn’t delightful either. Sure, you can create folders and manage them like a power user, but how do you ever actually get around to checking them out? The problem with bookmarking and attempting to save stuff into folders is that you don’t get a chance to add context to what you’ve stumbled upon, and therefore you’re never reminded of the value of those bookmarks to you.

Kippt is more visual than your grandpa's browser bookmark window

Kippt is more visual than your grandpa’s browser bookmark window

With Kippt, you can save pages to lists, which offer a great visual overview of your bookmarks. Plus, you can add notes and tags to your bookmarks for easy reference. While this might sound like a chore, it’s really not: Kippt has a powerful browser extension that allows you to save pages with descriptions, create new lists on the fly and quickly navigate to the main site and your profile.

Kippt's powerful browser extension in action

Kippt’s powerful browser extension in action

Kippt is also very social. Sharing lists is a snap — just send across a link via email from within the app or add collaborators to lists to work together on them. You can also find great content that the community of users shares publicly. A very complete service, indeed, and all for the wonderful price of free.

I currently use Kippt to save lists of links for stories that require a lot of research, such as gadget roundups for ATB and startup tales for The Next Web. Since I can quickly scan through links visually in the app, I can quickly figure out which pages I want to visit and be done with my browsing in a flash. It’s been a real life-saver over the past few months and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.


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